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Our Equipment

We're quite up to date in technologies at Fine Printing...
...which will get your job done faster and for less. We keep up in this ever-changing world. Here's a recent list of equipment we offer in-house:
10 Power Mac G5
Adobe Pagemaker
Quark XPress
Microsoft Word
Adobe Photoshop
Corel WordPerfect
Adobe Illustrator
Macromedia Freehand
Adobe Streamline
Corel Draw
Adobe Dimensions
Omnipage Pro
Xerox TextBridge Pro
Markzware Flight Check
Symantec Suitcase
Claris Works
The complete set of Adobe fonts

AGFA Duo Scan
HP 4C Scanner
Syquest Drives
Optical Drives
Zip Drives
Apple 630 Laser Pro
HP 4P Laser Printer
HP 3 Laser Printer
CD ROM Drives and writers

AGFA 1000+ Imagesetter with AGFA Viper RIP
Press Equipment
1 Itek 3985 True 2 Color
1 Ryobi 3200 with T-Head
1 Ryobi 3200
Eskofot 1440 Dual Roll
Silvermaster Plate Maker
Nuarc Flip-Top
Metal Plate Burner
Kodak 225 High Speed Copier

Nuarc 1418
Horizontal Camera
AGFA Rapline 17
Film Processor
AGFA PMT Processor

Bourg BST 10 suction feed collator with double head stitcher, folder and face trimmer
Baum 20 x 26 Right Angle Folder with 6 fold gates
Baum 714 table top air feed folder
Acme Floor Model Stitcher
Challenge 30.5"
Hydrolic Cutter
GBC Automatic
Comb Binder
Graphic Wizard 2-head
Numbering Machine
2 Shrink Wrap Machines

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